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Houston Industrial Electrician Services

When it comes to industrial electrical work, the stakes are high. Downtime carries the risk of increased production and labor costs, and power outages affect the schedules of employees and customers alike.   Houston and the surrounding area boast the largest industrial community in the Texas. 

The Houston industrial economy supports industries such as oil & gas, refining, petrochemical and heavy machinery.  MV Electric understands the demands of the Houston industrial electrical needs and has designed our business to meet these needs 24/7/365. 

Types of Industrial Electrical Projects We Can Handle

If you are looking for competent, prompt, and professional electrician services in Houston, MV Electric will provide just this. Whether you are a corporation, manufacturing facility, commercial or industrial facility, we can offer solutions to your electrical problems.

Industrial Electrician 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service:

MV Electric Inc provides emergency electrical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When unplanned power outages and downtime are disrupting your workflow, call 346-248-5510 for a prompt resolution from a professional electrician.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance:

Electrical preventative maintenance reduces costly downtime, saving money on production and labor costs. Our electricians take personal responsibility for the ongoing success of each of our clients.  Our electrical preventative maintenance services promote this success by ensuring high functioning, reliable electrical systems supporting each business’s daily operations.

Electrical Distribution Centers and Automated Machining Wiring:

Our electricians will assess, repair, and optimize your electrical distribution centers for maximized power efficiency.  We provide full electrical diagnostics and 24-hour emergency electrical maintenance service to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


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